Wednesday, 26 September 2012

The Outrage of Sharia Marriages

The Sunday Times in London carried out an undercover investigation recently on the disgraceful forced marriages of children to adult Muslim men in the U.K. I shouldn't have been shocked but I was....and I'm furious. Unfortunately, I expect the situation is much the same in the U.S.

The report stated that girls as young as twelve were being married off to grown men. This is done with the complicity of parents and Muslim clerics - and we as a society it seems aren't prepared to say enough is enough for the fear of offending those who follow the religion of permanent offence.

If there are 'moderate Muslims' where are they? Why aren't they trying to stop this openly supported trade in paedophilia? Do they too shy away from causing offence to the all-powerful clergy? If that's right, well shame on them.

These people should be told that if they wish to practice barbaric customs from their 'holy book' then they are not only breaking the law of this country but if they continue they will be prosecuted to the full extent of it. Successive governments, however, have pandered to the whims of these people. Even some U.K judges have welcomed the fact that some pockets of society  are ruled not by the law of the land where they are situated but by the violent and Stone Age edicts of Sharia.

This has to stop.

I have lived in foreign countries over the years and I accepted the law of the land. I accepted other peoples' ways even if I sometimes disagreed with them. I have never been racist and never will be. I despise it. But we cannot ignore the creeping danger of allowing an alien culture to get a foothold in our home - a place it most certainly does not belong and isn't wanted. If Muslims, or anyone else for that matter, wish to practice their faith then by all means do so (despite the fact that those of other faiths aren't tolerated at all in many Muslim countries). But obey our laws or face the consequences.

This is the message that our mainstream politicians should be sending, but will never do so for fear of 'offending' Islam.

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