Thursday, 7 March 2013

Yeee-Hah! I'm Texan For A Day

I often marvel at some of the crazy laws that get passed by state legislatures in the South. From restricting the teaching of evolution in schools to liberal gun laws, Texas is probably the biggest culprit.

But now it seems the good 'ol boys have actually got something right for once with their proposed new law banning the buying and selling of shark fins.

This rotten  trade is stimulated by an obscene demand from Asians for a soup that doesn't even taste that good. Sharks in their millions - yes, millions - are being fished live, their fins hacked off and their bodies kicked back into the water. No wonder world shark populations are falling dramatically, with many species at serious risk.

So Yeeee-Ha!! I'm a Texan for today. The full story is here:

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